Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Long Island

Cedar Roof Cleaning Long Island, New York

Do you have a cedar roof or cedar siding on your Long Island home?  It's an excellent choice in a roofing material not just for it's natural look but it's longevity!  Cedar trees can live to be over 1000 years old but the key to your roof longevity will be keeping it clean.

Cedar is a natural product and it can be negatively affected by the accumulation of organic debris from overhanging trees, windblown leaves, dust, dirt, algae and moss.  If your cedar roof isn't kept clean then organisms like algae and moss will drastically reduce the life of your cedar shingles or siding by slowly breaking down the material.

At CedarRoofCleaningLI.Com we specialize in the care, maintenance and cleaning of Cedar roofing and siding throughout Long Island, NY.  Using special soft-washing equipment and environmentally friendly detergents we are able to clean your cedar roof without causing any damage or reducing it's lifespan.

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Why Choose CedarRoofCleaningLI?

Cedar Roof CleaningOne of the most important aspects to professionally clean a cedar shake roof is that you don't use high pressure.

The concentrated high-pressure blasts from a pressure washer will actually blast away layers of protective pulp from your cedar shakes and is not the right way to clean them.

CedarRoofCleaningLI uses a specially formulated biodegradable detergent that we mix on site depending on the age and condition of your cedar shakes.  The products we use won't leave a mess and they are safe for kids, pets and your landscaping.

Don't Let Anyone Clean Your Cedar Roof With a Pressure Washer - Call The Professionals Instead!