Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning Bridgehampton NY

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Long Island NY.

Do You Need Your Cedar Shake Roof Cleaned in Bridgehampton NY?
We specialize in soft-washing cedar shake roofing and siding.

Cedar shakes make a beautiful roofing material for any Bridgehampton home.  The only issue with a cedar roof is that it’s a natural product (which is not a bad thing) it just means that you need to give it a higher level of care and maintenance than you would a normal shingled roof.

If you have trees that overhang your home or you have many trees in close proximity to your home than organic debris such as leaves, twigs, pollens and more are landing all over your roof and in turn, contributing to the moss, algae and other grime growing on the roof.

CedarRoofCleaningLI.Com is a cedar roof cleaning company based on Long Island.  We specialize in the cleaning of cedar shake roofing and cedar shake siding.  Using specially formulated (on-site) solutions that are safe for kids, pets and your landscaping and our soft-washing equipment we are able to make your cedar roof look like new again.

Cedar Shake Cleaning Bridgehampton NY

Keeping your cedar roof clean and free from this accumulation of organic debris will ensure it’s longevity and if it’s not already covered with moss and algae and work to prevent the issue from ever occurring.  In other parts of the country where the weather is drier cedar shake roofs can last for 40 years or more but in our climate their lifespan is much less, especially without proper care.

DO NOT USE:  Do not use any of the following products on your cedar roof.  Sealants, waterproofers or any type of plasticizer.  You also want to avoid any products contain unfortified linseed oil, diesel fuel or recycled crankcase oil.  Many of these solutions (still used by some) will actually “seal” the surface of your cedar and prevent the material from breathing which is essential to it’s operation and longevity.  We DO NOT  Use ANY Of These On Your Roof!

Cedar Roof Cleaning Before and AfterWe Clean Cedar Shakes in Bridgehampton NY.

When you choose CedarRoofCleaningLI to clean your Long Island cedar roof you’re partnering with a small, locally owned and operated business that specializes in providing care and cleaning maintenance for cedar roofing and siding.

You can be confident knowing that we will be courteous, we will be prompt and we’ll do a good job without leaving any trace of our presence behind aside from your beautiful looking and clean cedar roof.

CedarRoofCleaningLI uses a specially formulated biodegradable detergent that we mix on site depending on the age and condition of your cedar shakes.  The products we use won’t leave a mess and they are safe for kids, pets and your landscaping.

If you’d like an estimate to clean your cedar roof or your cedar shakes please give us a call 516.804.0447 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.