Cedar Siding Cleaning

Cedar Shake Siding Cleaning

Cedar shake siding offers an elegant, craftsman-like style to any home. If installed properly and maintained cedar siding can outlast and outperform many other types of siding.  When properly maintained cedar shake siding can last up to 60 years without replacement!

Although cedar is naturally resistant to some molds and mildews it is still an organic material and overtime can be overrun by organic debris such as algae and moss.  A regular cleaning program for your cedar shake siding will keep it looking great and performing properly for many years to come. Under normal conditions in the North East a cedar sided home should be cleaned every few years.

CedarRoofCleaningLI.Com is the premier cedar shake cleaning company on Long Island and in the Tri-State area. We specialize in cleaning cedar shingle roofing and siding. Our cleaning solution and the cleaning process are second to none. We DO NOT use any kind of a power washer to clean your cedar shakes.

Two Really Important Things To Watch For:

Do your cedar shakes have a grayish or whitish color tinge? Or how about a brown to blackish tinge to them?  If so, these are signs that your cedar shakes are starting to be attacked by aggressive fungi known as ” white rot fungi ” or ” brown rot fungi “.  Hence why your roof might appear to be changing it’s color.

The cost for cleaning your cedar siding is very reasonable when compared to total replacement.  Call us for a FREE quote!

Why Choose CedarRoofCleaningLI.Com?

  • We Know Cedar Shakes.
  • You will extend the lifespan of your siding.
  • Your siding Will Look Brand New Once Again.
  • This Will Prevent Algae Growth For Several Years.
  • We Are Fast, Thorough and More Affordable Then Replacement.

If you need to have your cedar shake siding professionally cleaned then you need to give CedarRoofCleaningLI.Com a call today or fill out our online form so we can come out and get that siding cleaned for you.