Why Clean Your Cedar Roof?

Why Clean Your Cedar Shake Roof

Why Clean Your Cedar Shake Roof or Siding?

Organic debris from overhanging trees or trees that surround your property, windblown leaves that lay for months on your roof, and dust, dirt and pollen all combined with rain and moisture provide an excellent environment for the growth of moss, algae and other natural organisms that will work to break down your cedar roof.

Cedar shakes are a natural building material and because of that, they are very attractive hosts to a number of natural organisms that like to feed off the nutrients it provides.  Just think about it for a second… In a forest, if a cedar tree falls it slowly rots away on the forest floor providing food and nutrients to many other organisms.

Your cedar shake roof is much like a forest floor and the wind blown organic debris such as dirt, pollen, leaves, and other contaminents spread the very organisms that attack your roof.  In nature this same debris would be accelerating the rot of the fallen tree as it does to your roof.

By keeping the roof properly cleaned you’ll be working to prevent nature from taking it’s course on your cedar roof.

How Do We Clean Your Cedar Roof?

Step #1.  Before we can provide an estimate we are going to need to view your roof and assess it’s condition.  Roof cleaning isn’t a substitute for a roof that is damaged or deteriorating behind repair.  You can give us a call 516.804.0447 or fill out our contact form to book your estimate.

Step #2.  We blow-off or sweep away any of the larger loose debris from your shingles or shakes to expose the work area.

Step #3.  We use a special cleaning solution on your cedar that is biodegradable and safe around kids, pets and won’t harm any of your plants or landscaping.  This solution must be mixed on-site to varying degrees of concentration depending on how old the roof is and how dirty the roof is.  Our solution works to lift the moss, algae and dirt away from the cedar shake so they can be rinsed away.

Step #4.  After the solution has been allowed sufficient time to work we then softwash your cedar roof using standard hose pressure so we don’t cause harm to the pulpy protective layer on the outer surface of the cedar.  Some companies use pressure washers to clean cedar roofing and we try to avoid that!

After rinsing away the solution and the remaining debris you are left with a roof that will quite a bit cleaner.  The difference is very dramatic, especially if your roof hasn’t been cleaned in a few years.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cedar Roof?

If you have overhanging trees or many trees that surround your property it’s a good idea to clean your roof every 6 months.  By staying on top of the issue you’ll be removing all of the organic debris that leads to problems before it has a chance to take hold.  As a result your cedar shake roof is going to look a lot better and it’s going to last the 30-40 years that a cedar roof should last.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Before and AfterWhy Choose Cedar Roof Cleaning LI To Clean Your Cedar Roof?

When you choose Cedar Roof Cleaning LI to clean your Long Island cedar roof you’re partnering with a small, locally owned and operated business that specializes in providing care and cleaning maintenance for cedar building materials.  You can be confident knowing that we will be courteous, prompt and we’ll do a good job without leaving any trace of our presence behind aside from your beautiful looking clean cedar roof.

If you’d like an estimate to clean your cedar roof or your cedar shakes please give us a call 516.804.0447 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.